Miley Cyrus vai para cama com Ashton Kutcher em “Two and a Half Men”

New couple alert! A lingerie-clad Miley Cyrus beds Ashton Kutcher in her upcoming cameo in Two And A Half Men

Miley Cyrus foi parar na cama do ator Ashton Kutcher usando apenas uma camisola.

A cena faz parte de um episódio de “Two and a Half Men”, que vai a ar no dia 17 de outubro.

Na série, Miley interpretará Missy, a filha de um dos amigos de Walden (personagem de Kutcher) e tentará seduzi-lo. Porém, ela acabará romanticamente envolvida com Jake (Angus T. Jones).

Look who's here! Miley stars as Missi in the episode, the daughter of one of Ashton's character Walden's friends

So good to be here: Missi is trying out the LA lifestyle to see if it's something she'd like permanently

Can you do my back? Missi embarks on an intensive flirting regime with Walden in the episode

Getting to know you: But despite Missi setting her sights on Walden, it is actually Jake (Angus T. Jones) who she forms a romantic relationship with

Summer style: As well as lingerie and a bikini, Miley also sports a cute summery floral minidress

Cuddling up: Walden looks uncomfortable by Missi's attention as the pair chat on the sofa


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